About Us

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by stir. We are an E-Commerce platform, inspired by the dire need of medical supplies in the healthcare sector as well as households, that aims to deliver essential medical equipment right at your doorsteps.

Our healthcare sector often does not use chemicals and other household cleaners to disinfect their tools and rooms due to the harmful compounds and irritants that those chemicals contain, posing as a health risk for many. Instead, they use a light-wave called UV-C and tri-oxygen (Ozone), which is widely known as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology. Similarly, our UV-C products use the two aforementioned natural solutions to ensure that your rooms and surfaces of objects are sterilized and free from bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other harmful micro-organisms.

Moreover, if you are looking to buy useful, highly functional, and simplified hospital equipment online at best rates, LUMIERE has got your back.

For your information, we deliver nationwide.
All our products are certified by accredited organizations like CE, FDA, RoHS.

We salute our frontliners

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We provide quality products at a very affordable price